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GATE Certification Syllabus

    Brain Based Learning

    • What we know about brain research and how it related to the teaching of gifted students.
    • What does brain-compatible learning look like. What does a brain-based classroom look like?
    • What we know about intelligence and how it relates to all students.

    Who are the Gifted
    • Characteristics of the Gifted
    • Gifted vs High Achievers
    • IQ test and what they measure and what they don't measure
    • The Three P's of Identification: Potential, Performance, and Personality (Characteristic Behaviors)

    The Four Areas of Differentiation Defined
    • Acceleration and Pacing
    • Depth
    • Complexity
    • Novelty

    Interdisciplinary Thematic Instruction
    • Teaching with themes
    • Using themes with content
    • Generalizations

    The Icons of Depth and Complexity
    • The Javitts Grant and the work of Dr. Sandra Kaplan
    • Understanding the Icons of how they work with content
    • Creating lessons that use the Icons (Level 1 and Level 2 questions)

    Questioning Strategies
    • Integrating Bloom's Taxonomy with the Four Components of Differentiation
    • The Three Types of Analytical Thinking
    • Socratic Seminars and how to conduct them
    • Moral Dilemmas
    • Concept Development Lessons
        Concept Attainment
        Concept Formation (TABA)
    • Synectics and teaching metaphorical thinking (middle schools and above)

    • The Torrance Test of Creativity
    • The Rand Corporation creativity activity
    • The neurology of creativity
    • Relating creativity to a standards-based GATE curriculum

    Teaching Research Skills and Methods
    • The Scholarly Pursuits
    • Defining and teaching self-directed study skills
    • Teaching students how to conduct research
    • Relating research to student projects

    Characteristics of Gifted Students
    • Research on Under-performing GATE students: What teachers can do.
    • Giftedness and Poverty - "Behind the Mask"
    • Case Study on John - Strategies to work with the Systems Challenged Gifted
    • Check sheet on Characteristics of GATE students
    • The Qualities of Intellectualism and how to nurture them in your classroom
    • Parenting Gifted Students; plus a pamphlet you can reproduce for your parents.

    Identification of GATE Students in Your District
    • The procedures and practices to identify students in your district (This segment is usually presented by the GATE Coordinator from your district)

    The Thirteen Principles of Differentiation
    • Participants create a unit of study based upon these thirteen principles
    • Defining the characteristics of a good project for GATE students
    • Sharing student work and projects in grad-level groups. Sample projects will be shared.

    Final Examination
    • A test that is taken in small groups covering the entire six days of content.

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