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JD Seminars has an array of comprehensive programs and workshops available to school districts:

  • 6-DAY GATE Certification Program
    This training is designed to provide teachers with the instructional strategies they need to provide a differentiated curriculum for their gifted and high performing students. The training is structured around the California state guidelines for gifted and talented education with an emphasis on classroom strategies. At the end of the six day training, districts may present a certificate of completion for 45 hours of professional development in Gifted and Talented Education.

  • What Teachers Need to Know About Brain-based Learning
    This one or two day seminar explores the latest on Brain-based learning and brain-compatible classrooms. Six areas are explored: 1. Classroom Environment 2. Attention Span and creating an Active Learning Environment 3. Music in the classroom 4. Stress, both good and bad 5. What we feed our children and how it impacts their learning. Teachers learn how to create Action-flow lessons with greater opportunities for students to be active participants in their learning. Teachers are given examples of what a classroom actually looks like that uses these principles.
  • Higher Level Thinking, A Basic Skill for All Students
    This one to two day workshop provides teachers an opportunity to participate in dozens and dozens of activities involving critical thinking skills. The focus is on the three types of analytical thinking: classification, structure and operation analysis. Participants also learn techniques to assist students in memorization. Activities in concept formation, concept attainment, Socratic dialogs, moral dilemmas are also included. Teachers learn how to use these techniques with the core curriculum and the state standards at their grade levels. A handbook of over 100 activities is provided to teachers.

  • What Principals Need to Know About Gifted Education

    This seminar gives princpals valuable information on what to look for in a GATE classroom when evaluating GATE teachers. It outlines the basic principles of differentiation for the gifted and helps principals understand what they are seeing in a classroom geared to the needs of high end learners.

  • Inspiring Active Learning in the Classroom
    This two day training is based upon the landmark book written by Merrill Harmin and published through ASCD. This training requires that each teacher have a copy of the book. John takes the participants through the book and outlines and clarifies the many instructional strategies and approaches Harmin describes. This seminar incorporates classroom management skills, lesson design, brain based learning, motivational techiques, homework, and critical thinking skills. Ideal for both elementary and secondary teachers.


Dear John, Thank you for your excellent GATE Certification Training held in Dublin last week. I truly value the skills and insights I came away with from the training. This next year will be my fourth year teaching solo, and I feel I am continuing to reflect on my teaching practices to improve. I want to share with you that one of the most profound shifts in my thinking occurred after the first day of our training. As a new teacher, I have not instructed under any educational paradigm except NCLB. I realize now that I have been holding my students back in an effort to reach "all" the students. I feel relieved to now have license to speed up the pace for the above average students, knowing that the majority of my students will benefit from this! Thanks to you, I now believe that I can teach, and think, outside of the box. My sincerest gratitude, Katherine Kingsley,2nd Grade Teacher,John Green Elementary School.

"I have enjoyed the four days of training for our GATE certification. You've inspired me to try new things, and my students have already benefited from my particpation in this course. I appreciate your humor, candor, and teaching style. I am a better teacher because of you. It's been a pleasure, and a privilege." Sincerely, Julia Holt, High School Teacher, Jurupa USD

"I just wanted to thank you for the excellent instruction in understanding and teaching GATE students. I looked forward to each session and left each time motivated to try the new skills we were taught." Linda Laymon, Adelanto School District.

"Many of your ideas have changed my way of thinking about my own teaching practices. You have inspired me to implement some new ideas in my classroom next year." Gretchen Hausman, Etiwanda School District.

"Your insights have changed my outlook on teaching. I am inspired! Lynn Gonzales, Upland Unified School District

"Thank you, John for your time and energy. Your ideas are very inspiring and insightful." Jennine Jaquess, Alta Loma School District

"I particularly enjoyed the personal experience stories you put into your presentations." Nancy Bracken, Upland Unified

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