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With the advent of the Common Core it becomes vital that school districts and teachers address critical thinking and analytical skills when presenting lessons to their students.

John DeLandtsheer's has provided training for teachers in this area for over twenty years. This training has recently been updated to include an emphasis on Common Core strategies.

John DeLandtsheer's
new book, Making ALL Kids Smarter, Strategies That Help All Students Reach Their Highest Potential is now available online for purchase through Corwin Press - click here now! This book includes strategies for differentiating instruction within the general classroom to challenge all learners with more rigorous content. It shows teachers how to:
  • Optimize learning by applying the six components of a brain-friendly classroom
  • Build critical thinking skills with Socratic questioning and moral dilemmas
  • Connect content through interdisciplinary themes
  • Stimulate creativity with brainstorming activities
  • Develop students' research and study skills

  • Making All Kids Smarter by John DeLandtsheer, now available online - click here "This is an instant gratification, pick-up-and use-immediately, teacher-friendly book. I got so excited about the strategies that I immediately began to use some of them in my classroom."
    -Mary Beth Cary, Teacher of the Gifted, Worth County Primary School, Sylvester, GA

    "The author provides a wide range of strategies that will increase the depth and complexity of learning for every child. This book is a must-read for every educator looking to increase the rigor of their learning expectations."
    -Kathy Tritz-Rhodes, Principal, Marchus-Meriden-Cleghorn Schools, IA.

    John's book, Making All Kids Smarter, was recently honored by the Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented as the Educator Book of the Year for 2011.

    A recognized leader and resource to teachers and administrators in the area of gifted and talented education, John has been in education for over forty years. He has devoted most of his career to working with GATE students. As a teacher he has taught all grades, K-12. As an administrator he has worked as a curriculum consultant at the county level in the area of differentiated instruction, effective schools research, critical thinking and gifted and talented education. He has also coordinated staff development at the district level. In addition, he was an elementary school principal for fourteen years. He has been the GATE Coordinator for the Redlands Unified School District for over fifteen years. He has taught in the GATE Certificate Program through the University of California at Riverside for nearly twenty years. Mariposa Elementary, where he served as principal for nine years was a demonstration site for the incorporation of GATE strategies into the curriculum for ALL students, not just those identified as gifted.

    Recent changes in California state law provide districts with much more flexibility in how they address the needs of their sub-populations. Gifted education, along with several other categorical programs is now an option, not a mandate. Many districts are opting to ensure that the needs of their gifted and talented and high ability students are addressed. Parents of gifted students are deeply concerned about the possible elimination of gifted programs. Many districts are responding by providing teacher training in this area. John provides training for teachers in meeting the needs of gifted students in the regular classroom. Of course, these strategies can, and should, be applied to a much wider group of students.

    This certification training covers the four components of a quality gifted program:

      1. Identification,
      2. Differentiated Instructional Strategies in acceleration/pacing, depth, complexity, and novelty,
      3. Characteristics of gifted students including meeting their social and emotional needs,
      4. Relating differentiated strategies to the Common Core standards.
    In addition to training in GATE Certification John provides workshops in:
      1. Strategies in Reading Comprehension for Advanced Learners
      2. Designing student projects based upon Common Core Standards
      3. Higher Level Thinking Skills as a Basic Skill
      4. Socratic Questioning
      5. Increasing Depth and Complexity in the Regular Classroom

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